Our Elite Dozen for Valentine’s Day 2015
January 23, 2015
Online flower ordering? Just say NO!
February 7, 2015

Every single year we see countless examples of why sending flowers from order taking operations like or instead of a real florist is a bad idea. Please realize that these companies are not florists at all, but order gathering operations that make hundreds of millions of dollars every year by scamming you with outrageous fees and extra charges. They top it off by sending out embarrassingly terrible product to the one you love… Think those fees aren’t all that bad? had a net profit of $756.3 million dollars for the fiscal year 2014. That’s pretty good for not even being a florist! How do you think they did that? With fees and extra charges of course! You see, very little of your purchase price actually goes toward the flowers you are ordering, less than half in some cases. Instead, it goes to fees and additional charges that amount up to profit for them, and less for you. Please consider a much wiser alternative… Seek out a LOCAL florist to provide you with a fresh flower arrangement free of fees and extra charges this Valentine’s Day. It will look MUCH better, last longer, and will be made by an actual floral designer… Can you imagine that?!?

Here is an article written a couple of days after last year’s Valentine’s Day that reinforces exactly what I am saying. Nothing says “I love you” like a wilted bowl of roses…

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